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Tax season means opportunities for tax fraud charges

It's tax season again, which can be a big opportunity for serious trouble if you are not careful with your preparations. Tax fraud can lead to serious consequences and be much more costly than any fudging the numbers may have saved you to begin with. If you are concerned that you may be at risk of committing tax fraud, it is always wise to consult with a tax professional and an attorney who is well-versed in defending white-collar crime.

What constitutes securities fraud?

White collar crimes are a strange and often misunderstood classification. It is one of the few areas in the law where a person can take actions that may result in quite serious legal repercussions and not even know that they are actually breaking the law in some cases. Generally, a white collar crime means that a person or persons has abused privilege or knowledge in order to enrich themselves unfairly, but the lines can easily become blurry. One of the most common and most misunderstood examples of white collar crime is securities fraud.

Does the white collar criminal stereotype hold up?

There's a stereotypical image of a white-collar criminal that people are fairly well acquainted with; after all, that's where the crime gets its name. These crimes are thought to typically be committed by people in suits, with crisp white undershirts, who have the biggest offices and drive luxury cars. They're people who are in high-up positions at the company, who may never interact with the customers, but who run things behind the scenes. Most of them have titles like CEO, CFO or CMO.

The many myths of a tax audit

When it comes to your tax situation, you always have a lot on your mind. Most importantly, you never want to run into trouble with the Internal Revenue Service or your state taxing authority. But no matter how hard you try, there could come a point when you are subjected to an audit.

Consultants could accidentally commit inside trading

Much insider trading is done intentionally. People with knowledge of upcoming business decisions make trades that will help them earn at the expense of others who do not have the same information. However, experts warn that this can be done accidentally, and consultants may be at risk.

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