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On Tuesday, Jan. 31, a bill that would have created permanent gun-free zones on public educational campuses failed to make it out of committee to get sent to the State Senate for a vote. The measure was intended to counteract a 2013 bill that will allow concealed weapons to be carried on campuses in Kansas beginning in July. The success and respective failure of these measures speak volumes toward the local climate public opinion regarding gun rights and the potential for violent crimes.

Man claims he doesn't know why he's in court

A young man in Wichita displayed some bizarre behavior while appearing in court for the first time to hear the charges levied at him several days ago. Typically, the first appearance is a fairly straightforward experience — the defendant is presented with a video conference with a judge who reads the charges, offers him or her an opportunity to ask any questions, and then he or she moves on so that the next accused person can do roughly the exact same thing. This appearance, however, took an unexpected turn.

3 murders in Hesston may be drug-related

One of Wichita's neighbors to the north was the scene of heartbreaking violence recently, leaving three individuals dead in a driveway. On Oct. 30, a motorist passing by a rural home near Hesston at around 5:30 in the morning saw the bodies of three individuals lying in the driveway and stopped to help.

Man charged in road rage shooting

A Wichita man has been charged with second-degree murder in a fatal shooting that may not be as simple as it may at first seem. The victim was found dead in the driver's seat of his SUV, shot to death. A passenger in the SUV was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

violent crimes have increased in Wichita

Wichita is a wonderful city in the heart of the country, but it is also a surprisingly violent city, according to recent FBI statistics. The bureau's report "Crime in the United States" breaks down the numbers on our fair city's instances of crime in 2015, and some of the figures are quite concerning. The yearly report also featured the return of Wichita as a profiled city, while the same report in 2014 did not cover it.

Attempted robbery leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Violent crimes can sometimes have a way of turning on those committing them, with greater than anticipated collateral damage. One man who is accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart is now dead, his alleged accomplice is being sought by police, and a bystander who came to the rescue of the victim is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds after a presumed robbery went quite wrong on Sunday, Sept. 11.

2015 adult arrest reports for Sedgwick County

The government in Kansas tracks arrests for both adults and minors in the state and compiles public reports that can shed some light on crime rates across the state. These statistics provide more specific data than statewide numbers, as the locations where crimes are really taking place can be pinpointed. Below are a few key stats from the 2015 report, the most recent available.

Man from Missouri arrested for alleged robbery at Kansas casino

A man from Missouri has been arrested by the police after being accused of involvement in a robbery at the Downstream Casino. The incident apparently happened in the parking lot, and it took place on the casino's Kansas side, so that's where the investigation began.

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