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Mail fraud suspects may face federal charges

Several residents of Wichita were recently the victims of mail fraud, which remains one of the least understood simple crimes. Authorities have arrested two suspects, and reports indicate that the individuals were apprehended while taking mail out of mailboxes in the middle of the day.

Man faces decades of jail time, millions in fines

A Wichita man has been convicted of several federal crimes, and may be facing serious jail time. The charges stem from a relatively minor traffic stop which yielded more serious charges once the authorities began searching the man's vehicle. Federal crimes are generally considered more severe, and can carry seriously life-altering sentences.

Kansas militia's close call with terror plot

Kansas saw the ugly side of independence rear its head recently when several men were charged with conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism against a Somali population in Garden City. While those charged were from clear across the state, they attempted to join with another militia based near Wichita but were turned away. This case is just the latest of several in recent months that have brought modern militia culture to the forefront of the national conversation, at a time when tensions of many kinds are running high.

Are federal and state courts the same?

Many people, those who are unfamiliar with the legal system in the United States, believe that federal and state courts are one in the same. While they may have some similarities, there are various differences to be aware of. Generally speaking, there are two types of courts in the United States: federal and state.

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