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February 2017 Archives

Tax season means opportunities for tax fraud charges

It's tax season again, which can be a big opportunity for serious trouble if you are not careful with your preparations. Tax fraud can lead to serious consequences and be much more costly than any fudging the numbers may have saved you to begin with. If you are concerned that you may be at risk of committing tax fraud, it is always wise to consult with a tax professional and an attorney who is well-versed in defending white-collar crime.

DUI checkpoints present complex problems

You're driving home from the bar or from a friend's place, maybe after a few drinks. You were careful to drink plenty of water and eat some food so as not to drink on an empty stomach and you feel fine to drive, but you may still be technically over the limit. Up ahead, you see traffic slowing to a stop, and the familiar sight of flashing lights. At first, you think there must have been an accident, but as you get closer, you have that sudden sinking feeling — it's a DUI checkpoint.

What are my Sixth Amendment rights?

When you are charged with a crime, it is important to ensure that your rights remain protected. One of the most vital tools for protecting your rights is the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees a number of rights to those who face charges. It is important to remember that when you invoke or protect your Sixth Amendment rights, you are doing so not only for yourself, but for countless others. It is crucially important that you do not allow the legal system to violate your rights, for everyone involved.

A strong legal defense protects all your rights

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, a bill that would have created permanent gun-free zones on public educational campuses failed to make it out of committee to get sent to the State Senate for a vote. The measure was intended to counteract a 2013 bill that will allow concealed weapons to be carried on campuses in Kansas beginning in July. The success and respective failure of these measures speak volumes toward the local climate public opinion regarding gun rights and the potential for violent crimes.

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