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Drug charges can have surprisingly harsh consequences

Marijuana use, especially for medical purposes, is seeing greater and greater acceptance throughout the country, both in public opinion and in the eyes of changing laws. However, in places like Kansas, where use remains prohibited, the penalties for being caught with marijuana remain overwhelmingly strict. One Kansas mother is now fighting not only for her freedom, but also for the custody of her child, after Child Services officials removed the child from her home.

Understanding accomplice charges

When it comes to being held liable for a crime, often those who did not even commit a direct offense can be prosecuted for the having enabled the crime to take place. In the eyes of the law, those who are viewed as enablers or encouragers are considered accomplices in a crime, and may share as much guilt in the eyes of the court as the individual who actually commits a crime. Courts may consider an individual to be an accomplice if he or she either actively encourages and enables a crime, or even simply fails to prevent it.

Drug charges require a fierce defense to protect your rights

The public opinion of various drugs and drug use has been a volatile relationship for many years, from the relative wild west approach taken around the turn of the century, to the hardline stance brought about by the War on Drugs of the last several decades. Now, for the last 10 years or so, there has been another sea change, one that tends to view drug use in a somewhat softer light, depending on the drug and the use. Despite the changing tides of public opinion, drug laws remain surprisingly harsh and punishing, leading to the greatest levels of incarceration for non-violent crimes of any class of crimes, worldwide.

Mail fraud suspects may face federal charges

Several residents of Wichita were recently the victims of mail fraud, which remains one of the least understood simple crimes. Authorities have arrested two suspects, and reports indicate that the individuals were apprehended while taking mail out of mailboxes in the middle of the day.

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