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November 2016 Archives

Man claims he doesn't know why he's in court

A young man in Wichita displayed some bizarre behavior while appearing in court for the first time to hear the charges levied at him several days ago. Typically, the first appearance is a fairly straightforward experience — the defendant is presented with a video conference with a judge who reads the charges, offers him or her an opportunity to ask any questions, and then he or she moves on so that the next accused person can do roughly the exact same thing. This appearance, however, took an unexpected turn.

Man faces decades of jail time, millions in fines

A Wichita man has been convicted of several federal crimes, and may be facing serious jail time. The charges stem from a relatively minor traffic stop which yielded more serious charges once the authorities began searching the man's vehicle. Federal crimes are generally considered more severe, and can carry seriously life-altering sentences.

3 murders in Hesston may be drug-related

One of Wichita's neighbors to the north was the scene of heartbreaking violence recently, leaving three individuals dead in a driveway. On Oct. 30, a motorist passing by a rural home near Hesston at around 5:30 in the morning saw the bodies of three individuals lying in the driveway and stopped to help.

Kansas militia's close call with terror plot

Kansas saw the ugly side of independence rear its head recently when several men were charged with conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism against a Somali population in Garden City. While those charged were from clear across the state, they attempted to join with another militia based near Wichita but were turned away. This case is just the latest of several in recent months that have brought modern militia culture to the forefront of the national conversation, at a time when tensions of many kinds are running high.

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