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violent crimes have increased in Wichita

Wichita is a wonderful city in the heart of the country, but it is also a surprisingly violent city, according to recent FBI statistics. The bureau's report "Crime in the United States" breaks down the numbers on our fair city's instances of crime in 2015, and some of the figures are quite concerning. The yearly report also featured the return of Wichita as a profiled city, while the same report in 2014 did not cover it.

One of the most staggering figures that the report brought to light was the nearly 20,000 instances of property crime. This amounts to just one instance of property crime for every 20 residents. While this is a slight decrease under 2013, it is still a surprisingly high rate of occurrence.

When discussing violent crimes, the report also illuminated concerning trends. instances of rape rose by an alarming amount -- 349 cases in 2015, up by 105 over 2013. This figure constitutes an average of one instance of rape per day over the last year.

Oddly, while rape, homicide and robberies each saw an increase over figures from the last year Wichita was profiled in the report, the number of aggravated assaults was down sharply by over 400 fewer cases.

It is always an interesting exercise to examine dry statistics, but they truly do not tell the whole of story of how and why each of these crimes occurred. Any person who has been charged with a crime, even a particularly violent or upsetting crime, is a person first and a statistic second, and deserve to represented as such. If you have been accused of a violent crime, the representation of an experienced defense attorney can help ensure that your case is heard fairly while your rights remain protected.

Source: KAKE, "FBI: Wichita has almost one rape per day," Sep. 28, 2016

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