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Nick Gordon in hot water for skipping court

When tragedy strikes, no one wants to contend with facing charges related to that tragedy. But, as one high-profile defendant recently found out, the law does not consider the grief process a good reason to flout the authority of the court. Nick Gordon, who was the partner of Bobbi Kristina Brown when she died in 2015, was charged by the family of the deceased in a civil case following her death, but has yet to face criminal charges. Not being charged criminally, however, has not gotten him out of hot water.

Following Brown's death, investigators were not able to determine with certainly what had caused her death. Although the autopsy revealed quantities of alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine, and morphine, there was no clear indication whether the death was accidental, self-inflicted, or caused by Gordon, as Brown's family alleged. The criminal case itself continues to be under investigation, but Gordon has not been charged — which could explain his apparent dismissal of the civil charges brought against him.

Court documents show that while there seem to be two attorneys representing Gordon against any potential criminal charges, he apparently did not secure any representation regarding his civil charges, nor did he attend any of the court dates related to the civil case. Gordon is now facing a hefty judgement in the millions, simply because he did not participate in the process.

It is common for those who are facing criminal and civil charges to be overwhelmed by the process, but it is not wise to stop participating in the legal process. If you believe you may be facing criminal charges in Kansas, it's wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney, to have a clear understanding of your obligations and ensure that your rights remain protected.

Source: KAKE, "Bobbi Kristina Brown's partner loses wrongful death case," Kate brumback, Sep. 16, 2016

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