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Attempted robbery leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Violent crimes can sometimes have a way of turning on those committing them, with greater than anticipated collateral damage. One man who is accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart is now dead, his alleged accomplice is being sought by police, and a bystander who came to the rescue of the victim is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds after a presumed robbery went quite wrong on Sunday, Sept. 11.

The incident began when two men approached a woman putting her child into a car seat and struck her in the head, which caused her to begin screaming. A bystander rushed in to help, and one of the attackers reportedly shot him multiple times. The man who had come to help returned fire on the man who had shot him, killing him. The second attacker then fled the scene, and a suspect fitting the second attacker's description was later arrested.

The bystander who stepped in to rescue the woman was left in critical condition awaiting surgery from the gunshot wounds, and the woman who was attacked was admitted to a local hospital with a head wound and listed in critical condition as well. Fortunately, the child was apparently completely unharmed. Sadly, one of the attackers lost his or her life that day.

The second suspect will now have to consider his or her next steps very carefully, like all those who are accused of violent crimes. Regardless of the nature of the charges, this person is entitled to an excellent defense, and should get one. If you, or anyone you know, has been involved in a violent crime and may be facing serious charges, the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure that your case is heard fairly while your rights are protected.

Source: Kansas City Star, "Good Samaritan shot, alleged robber slain near Wal-Mart in Shawnee," Laura Bauer and Matt Campbell, Sep. 11, 2016

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