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September 2016 Archives

Young man admits involvement in chalk event

A young man in Lindeborg may be facing charges after admitting to involvement in what is being called a "chalk event." Sometime in the early morning of Sept. 3, the young man, and possibly others, used chalk to leave messages on the sidewalks of Lindsborg's Bethany College, including the words "make Lindsborg white again," messages espousing presidential candidate Donald Trump, and an outline of a body accompanied by the words "Rest in Peace my friend."

Nick Gordon in hot water for skipping court

When tragedy strikes, no one wants to contend with facing charges related to that tragedy. But, as one high-profile defendant recently found out, the law does not consider the grief process a good reason to flout the authority of the court. Nick Gordon, who was the partner of Bobbi Kristina Brown when she died in 2015, was charged by the family of the deceased in a civil case following her death, but has yet to face criminal charges. Not being charged criminally, however, has not gotten him out of hot water.

Attempted robbery leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Violent crimes can sometimes have a way of turning on those committing them, with greater than anticipated collateral damage. One man who is accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart is now dead, his alleged accomplice is being sought by police, and a bystander who came to the rescue of the victim is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds after a presumed robbery went quite wrong on Sunday, Sept. 11.

Does the white collar criminal stereotype hold up?

There's a stereotypical image of a white-collar criminal that people are fairly well acquainted with; after all, that's where the crime gets its name. These crimes are thought to typically be committed by people in suits, with crisp white undershirts, who have the biggest offices and drive luxury cars. They're people who are in high-up positions at the company, who may never interact with the customers, but who run things behind the scenes. Most of them have titles like CEO, CFO or CMO.

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