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Could you be charged with credit card fraud?

Credit cards are used by millions upon millions of people throughout the world. For this reason, instances of fraud are on the rise.

Even if you think you're not breaking the law, there could come a point when you are charged with credit card fraud. As you can imagine, this is a serious crime that can be accompanied by a serious punishment, including time in prison.

This type of fraud is committed if you:

-- Fraudulently use, obtain, or forge someone's credit card information.

-- Sell goods to a person with knowledge that a credit card has been illegally obtained.

-- Use a credit card with knowledge that you don't have enough money to pay for the items or that it is expired.

A fraud spree is one of the most common types of credit card fraud. With this, a person goes on a shopping spree by making a number of unauthorized charges.

Application fraud is also common. This is when a person opens an account in another party's name.

With so many forms of credit card fraud, it's possible that you could make a serious mistake without really knowing what you are doing. Unfortunately, if this happens, you could still be charged with a crime.

There is no doubt that you could be charged with credit card fraud, even if you think you are doing everything the right way. If this happens, you need to understand why you've been charged, what to do next, and how to defend yourself in court. This can help you put the trouble in the past.

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