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2015 adult arrest reports for Sedgwick County

The government in Kansas tracks arrests for both adults and minors in the state and compiles public reports that can shed some light on crime rates across the state. These statistics provide more specific data than statewide numbers, as the locations where crimes are really taking place can be pinpointed. Below are a few key stats from the 2015 report, the most recent available.

1. In Sedgwick County, the most DUI arrests were reported by the Wichita Police Department, with 696. The Derby Police department was second, with 104, and the Sheriff's office was third, with 80.

2. There were a total of 8,286 arrests reported by the WPD, which also led the way in the state. By way of comparison, the Derby PD reported 894 arrests and the Colwich PD reported four.

3. When looking at violent crimes like battery, on a county-wide basis, there were 2,269 arrests for simple battery. This was much higher than the county total of 567 for aggravated battery.

4. There is not always a location-specific correlation between simple and aggravated battery. For example, the Maize PD reported four cases of aggravated battery, while the Park City PD reported just one. However, the MPD had only nine cases of simple battery, while the PCPD had 54.

5. Other notable county totals include 17 kidnappings and abductions, six cases of arson, 1,361 arrests for theft, 192 cases of burglary, 58 rape cases, and 26 murder cases.

No matter the charges, those who have been arrested have a right to a fair trial. If you're facing charges for any of the crimes listed above, be sure you understand your legal options and what is required moving forward.

Source: Kansas Bureau of Investigation, "Kansas Adult Arrests," accessed Aug. 29, 2016

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