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String of arrests starts at casino near Kansas border

The police recently made a string of drug-related arrests, and they're now saying they've broken up a multi-state drug ring. One of the main arrests was made at the Downstream Casino, which is near the near the border of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

It all began in Carthage, when police searched a home and found a half ounce of methamphetamine. The person who was arrested decided to cooperate with the police, and told them of another man who had sold those drugs initially. Police were tipped off that he'd gone to the casino.

Before they arrested him, the police took a drug-sniffing dog to his car, in the parking lot of the casino, and it alerted them that there were drugs in the vehicle. They then arrested the man, and four more ounces of meth were discovered in the vehicle.

Like the first time, he also decided to cooperate, and he said he had his own source for the drugs. He claimed that man, who he knew under an alias, was at the Microtel Hotel.

The man arrested at the casino was then put in jail, but he paid his bond and got out. Meanwhile, police identified the source and a dog alerted on his car, as well. They were afraid that the man who had bonded out might warn the source and destroy evidence, so they detained him without a warrant. They then found three pounds of methamphetamine, a loaded handgun and roughly $10,000.

There are cases where police can detain people without a warrant, but these situations are quite complex, and it's important for those who have been arrested in this way to know their legal options if they think their rights have been violated.

Source: The Miami News Record, "Arrest at casino leads to breakup of drug ring," Dannie Oliveaux, accessed June 24, 2016

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