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Kansas doctor charged with federal drug crimes

A Wichita man, a 54-year-old physician, has been charged with multiple crimes that involved prescription drugs being dispensed. He operated a men's clinic in Kansas.

The authorities say that he diverted prescription drugs to the streets and, because of this, a man died due to an overdose of the medicine he was prescribed. Some of the people who were prescribed the drugs are also in jail. Eight people were charged with unlawfully selling drugs that included the medication that they received from the physician.

The defense attorney says that his client has been a fine and upstanding citizen of the state of Kansas and is widely recognized because he went on many mission trips at his own expense to help those in need.

A question arises from this situation. How was the doctor to know that the eight people were selling the drugs? Perhaps they gave a compelling reason for needing the pain medication and the doctor wanted to help them. It bears looking into.

He is charged with 31 offenses and one of them involves 22,396 oxycodone pills. On more than one occasion, the doctor allegedly dispensed oxycodone that is a controlled substance to an undercover agent who was aligned with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The authorities state that on another occasion the physician prescribed methadone and alprazolam for no medical purpose. This transaction allegedly led to the death of a person not affiliated with the doctor's office in any way.

If you have been charged with a federal crime in Kansas, be sure to know how to protect yourself through the court system.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, "Wichita doctor facing federal drug charges; patient died, indictment says," Tim Potter, Jan. 14, 2016

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