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How long will cocaine remain in hair, urine or blood?

There are a few different ways to test for cocaine in a person's system, including testing the person's hair, using urine tests, and using blood tests. As such, it's important to know how long it can actually show up in each of those places.

Blood testing can typically be carried out for around 48 hours after the cocaine is used. However, there are a lot of variables here, such as how it was taken and how often the person uses it. Some people have higher tolerance levels than others, and so it may not show up in blood tests for the full two days.

Cocaine concentrations in the hair last much longer. Usually, they can be seen for around 90 days, or three months. Additionally, the markings left in the hair by cocaine are not just in the root of the hair. Therefore, those markings could stay there until the hair is physically removed—either by falling out on its own or by being cut off.

Urine testing has perhaps the widest window. Cocaine can, in some cases, be detected for weeks after a person uses it. For some people who use small amounts, it's only really detectable for a few days—two to four. For others, and for those who use a lot, it could still show up for ten days. Again, the amount that is used and the frequency of the use play a big part in how long a urine test can be accurate for, really making things a bit different in every case.

If you've been accused of using cocaine in Kansas, you need to know your legal rights.

Source: Addiction Blog, "How long does cocaine stay in blood, hair, or urine?," accessed Dec. 31, 2015

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