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When the company you work for is under investigation

Companies the government suspects of corporate crimes sometimes end up facing a federal investigation. A company being under federal investigation for suspected criminal activity can be a very shocking and worrying thing for its employees. It's workers may be worried about what the investigation and actions resulting from it will end up meaning for the company and their future employment at the company.

In such a worry-inducing situation, it can be easy for a worker to be flustered and unsure of what to do if they are approached by federal investigators during the investigation. They may be tempted to just wing it and hope for the best, hoping to get their part of the matter done with as soon as possible. 

However, this can be a path fraught with risk. Missteps in interactions with federal investigators who are investigating a company one works for could lead to a person facing serious consequences, such as accusations and charges of having been involved in the criminal activity the investigation regards or having made false statements to an investigator.

Thus, this is generally a situation best approached with strong legal advice in your corner rather than on your own. Consequently, when an employee is approached by federal investigators in relation to an investigation of the company they work for, they should strongly consider seeking the guidance of a skilled criminal defense attorney before taking any further action. In such a potentially high-risk situation, you want to make sure your rights are protected. 

Our firm handles a wide range of corporate crime defense matters. We can provide legal support and advice to workers in matters involving government investigations of companies they work for. We can also provide defense representation to workers who are facing charges as a result of a federal investigation of a company they work for.   

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