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Police should not determine who gets to see body cam video

While most police departments in Kansas have not fully implemented the use of body cameras, the next major controversy over these cameras will be who is permitted to review the footage. A significant problem is already developing, where police departments and some other governmental or legislative bodies are placing restrictions on access to these videos.

The penalties for meth trafficking

Drug crimes are among the most frequently prosecuted crimes, both in Kansas state courts and in the federal courts. The Bureau of Judicial Statistics noted that in 2012, 33 percent federal criminal cases involved defendants charged with drug crimes. They also found using data from 2004 that 34 percent of state court prosecutions involved drug crimes.

A boy scout with a map (cont.)

There are many questions raised by this scenario. The officer stated he had pulled over multiple drivers who had flashed their headlights at him, all mistaking his vehicles lights for high-beams. Why had he continued to pull over these types of drivers? Why hadn't he had something done to fix the issue with his vehicles headlights? Why was it necessary to continue to escalate this encounter?

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