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A boy scout with a map

Knowing your rights is typically a good thing. However, it is important to understand that a little knowledge may be a dangerous thing. The old saying describing someone as being like a boy scout with a map, suggests that overconfidence provided by some kernel of knowledge can lead to disaster, i.e. becoming lost.

Another myth busted: providers -- not recipients -- bilk Medicare

If there's one thing Americans hate, it's waste and fraud in government programs. In past decades, politicians have played on that hate, spreading the belief that fraud and waste are rampant, particularly among people who receive benefits from public programs. In the 80s and 90s, a particularly unflattering portrait was painted of welfare recipients: the "welfare queen."

The cases only become harder

The marijuana laws of this nation were created in part because of hysteria and part due to caution. Marijuana does have health effects that can be damaging. However, so can many legal drugs. More than 10,000 highway deaths per year are attributed to alcohol use. Chemotherapy drugs may assist in killing cancer cells, but the "side effects" are so severe that they cause patients hair to fall out, bring about nausea and may come close to killing the patient.

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