What To Do If You Are Called Before A Grand Jury

If you receive a subpoena ordering you to appear before a grand jury, now is a time when you need legal advice. You've probably heard the saying that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich. If a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, it can easily indict you or a loved one.

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What It Means To Be Called Before A Grand Jury

Before the government can proceed to trial on federal criminal charges, it must present evidence to a grand jury that criminal charges are warranted. However, grand juries are notorious for doing anything prosecutors want them to do — thus the saying from federal judge Sol Wachtler, that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.

You could be asked to appear before a grand jury either as a witness or as the target of a criminal investigation. In either case, your future may hang in the balance.

Grand juries are one-sided affairs that favor the government. The government will have its lawyers in the room, while you will not be allowed to have your own counsel with you. You could be asked leading questions that you should not answer. If you make a false statement to a grand jury, you could face what is known as a 1001 charge for "knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information." Even if you are called as a witness, you could end up becoming a target of charges yourself.

To protect yourself from an indictment, get legal advice before you testify. Even though attorney Kurt Kerns can't be in the grand jury room with you, he can stand just outside the door. Every time you are asked a potentially inculpatory question, you may ask to be excused so you can talk with your lawyer.

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