Defending You From Federal Drug Charges

If you are convicted of a federal drug distribution charge, it's often not a matter of whether you are going to prison but for how long. A drug distribution charge for which you could receive probation in state court could result in multiple years of incarceration if you are convicted in federal court.

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We handle charges involving cocaine, meth, marijuana, analogs, prescription drug and other types of controlled substances.

Federal Drug Crimes And Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Many federal drug charges are subject to mandatory minimum prison sentences. This means that the minimum prison sentence that you would have to serve if convicted is mandated by law. The judge has no discretion to reduce the sentence, even if there are special circumstances in your case.

In large drug cases, the prison sentences can be devastating. For example, if you are arrested for possession of 1,000 pounds of marijuana, you are looking at 10 years in prison with no possibility of parole, unless you cooperate with the feds or qualify for a provision under the sentencing guidelines known as the "safety valve."

Attorney General Eric Holder recently urged federal prosecutors to change the way they charge drug defendants in federal court to lessen sentences that are unfairly long. Unfortunately, many prosecutors are still charging drug defendants under a mandatory minimum scheme.

If you contact us early enough, it may be possible to persuade prosecutors not to charge you, to charge you with possession of a smaller quantity of drugs, or to move prosecution to state court where you may not be subject to mandatory minimum sentences.

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