Defending You From Conspiracy And RICO Charges

One of the easiest things a federal prosecutor can do is charge you with conspiracy. It is also one of the most dangerous charges for you as a defendant. You could end up serving years in a federal prison for something that another person did.

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What Is Conspiracy?

All conspiracy means is that two or more people agreed to do an unlawful act. If prosecutors can show that you conspired with another person, then everything your co-conspirator did can be counted against you, even if you were not aware of it. As long as your co-conspirator's actions were reasonably foreseeable, you can and likely will be punished for it if convicted.

If you are facing conspiracy charges, it is essential that you stay quiet and let your lawyer speak for you. Any statements you make could be used as evidence that you were involved in a conspiracy.

What Is RICO?

RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It is an offshoot of traditional conspiracy charges and has become a favorite charge of federal prosecutors. Originally designed to help the federal government deal with the Mafia, it is now used against doctors, stockbrokers, business owners, low-level drug dealers and others to add years to a defendant's sentence. The penalties for RICO are generally greater than those for conspiracy.

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