What To Do If You Are Charged With A Corporate Crime

The federal government loves to indict corporations and the people who work for them. As a result, you could face a lengthy sentence in a federal prison just for doing what your boss asks you to do.

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We handle all types of criminal charges that affect corporations and the individuals who work for them, including health care and other types of fraud, antitrust and securities violations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, environmental crimes, government contract disputes and internal investigations.

What Should I Do If I Am Contacted By Law Enforcement?

If you are contacted by government officials, it's important to not say anything and to obtain your own legal counsel. You could be held personally responsible for actions you performed for your employer.

Seeking advice from your company's internal counsel would be a mistake for two reasons:

  • Your internal counsel may not have the experience needed to defend clients in federal court.
  • Your interests and your company's interests may not be the same.

Talking to investigators without legal advice is very risky. If you make a false statement to a federal officer, you could face what is known as a 1001 charge for "knowingly and willfully making false or fraudulent statements, or concealing information."

How Can I Avoid Criminal Charges?

The best defense is to not be indicted in first place. Our law firm advises corporations concerning compliance with health care regulations, environmental regulations, securities regulations, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other laws.

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