When You Are Accused Of A Sex Crime

There are few accusations more damaging to your reputation than those involving sex crimes. Long before you see the inside of a courtroom, people will look at you differently. Any presumption of innocence is destroyed by the acid of the accusation.

To protect yourself, it's important to put your case in the hands of a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact attorney Kurt Kerns in Wichita, Kansas, at 316-265-5511 for a free and confidential consultation.

What If I Am Innocent Of The Charges?

Unfortunately, an innocent person needs a defense attorney perhaps even more than someone who is guilty. You could be facing a lengthy prison sentence, followed by lifetime registration as a sex offender, based on nothing more than the accusations of a single person.

Accusations in this area are often completely made up. In one case recently tried through acquittal, a spouse accused our client of rape to gain an advantage in a divorce trial. Being accused of a sex crime is similar to another person throwing acid at you. You will be burned, even if you did nothing wrong.

Defending Yourself From A Sex Crime Accusation

If you are ever accused of sex crime such as rape, you may be tempted to explain the situation to police. Unfortunately, talking to law enforcement without counsel is an extremely dangerous thing to do. For example, police officers may pretend to have evidence implicating you in a sex crime. If you attempt to explain away the nonexistent evidence, you could end up giving police damaging information they did not have before.

To protect yourself, say nothing and contact defense attorney Kurt Kerns. We will review the evidence that police have and prepare the strongest possible defense.

To Schedule A Consultation Concerning Sex Charges

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