Defending You From Murder Charges

Murder is the most serious charge a citizen can be accused of and requires an aggressive defense from the outset of the case. Witness testimony, forensic evidence, DNA, blood spatter evidence all come into play.

To properly defend a murder case, you need a lawyer who has been there before and knows how to try a murder case to jury trial.

Attorney Kurt Kerns in Wichita, Kansas, has helped his clients avoid convictions in over 80 percent of the murder cases he has tried to jury. While past results are no guarantee of future case victories, it's important to have a lawyer who has a record for performance. To discuss your case with Mr. Kerns, call 316-265-5511. There is no charge for your initial consultation.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer If I'm Innocent And Only Being Questioned?

Supreme Court case law allows and even encourages law enforcement to lie to you about the current state of the evidence in order to secure a statement or confession. Trained detectives will be tasked with interviewing you to obtain concessions that could work to damage your case later on. There is nothing inappropriate about asking for counsel when accusations this serious are on the line.

Once you are accused of murder, you are in a fight for your life. Attorney Kurt Kerns will be in that fight with you. From the day you retain Mr. Kerns, the charges will become his worry. He understands what the outcome of a murder case means to you, and he will devote his entire life to ensuring that a wrongfully accused person isn't convicted.

To Schedule A Consultation Concerning Homicide Charges

When your life is on the line, you should never talk to the police before you talk to a lawyer. By talking to law enforcement, you could inadvertently give the government the evidence it needs to charge you with a crime.

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