Defending You From Drug Charges

A drug conviction can result in more than a lengthy prison sentence. It can lead to a permanent criminal record that will make employment opportunities more challenging. Many states now require you to register as a drug offender.

To protect your freedom and your future, call attorney Kurt Kerns at 316-265-5511 as soon as you are arrested. From his law office in Wichita, Mr. Kerns handles state and federal drug charges in Kansas and throughout the Midwest. He is one of the few Kansas lawyers qualified to handle drug arrests in any federal jurisdiction.

Defending You From Life-Changing Consequences

People who have never been accused of a crime before can face serious consequences for a drug arrest.

For example, while some states have legalized marijuana, Kansas has not. If you bring marijuana into Kansas from another state where it is legal, you could be charged with a crime. If you have a large quantity of marijuana in your possession, you could be charged with a felony drug possession, and subject to a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

To minimize the consequences of a drug arrest, it is important to put your case in the hands of a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. We will work hard to obtain an acquittal or if necessary, to keep the focus of your case on treatment, not punishment.

To Schedule A Consultation Concerning Drug Charges

Many drug possession cases hinge on search and seizure issues. If you are contacted by police, do not consent to a search of your person or your vehicle and contact drug crime defense attorney Kurt Kerns as soon as possible.

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