When You Are Accused Of A Crime

Many people who are accused of crimes put off hiring an attorney because they think they can avoid the charges. Unfortunately, by the time they realize they need a lawyer's help, they may have already made crucial mistakes that could end up costing them years of their lives.

One of the reasons we offer a free initial consultation is to keep you from making a mistake that could ruin your life. To protect yourself, call Kerns Law Group, in Wichita, Kansas, at 316-265-5511 as soon as you discover you are under investigation for a crime. If you contact us soon enough, it may be possible to persuade authorities not to charge you with a crime.

We represent people who face the most serious criminal charges, including:

  • Murder: When you are on trial for murder, your life hinges on the outcome. Mr. Kerns has helped his clients avoid convictions in 10 out of the last 12 murder jury trials he has conducted, and while past performance doesn't guarantee future results, you need a lawyer that knows how to win.
  • Drug charges: The war on drugs has left many casualties, including college students, low-level drug dealers and people addicted to prescription drugs. A drug conviction can result in more than a lengthy prison sentence. It can lead to a permanent criminal record that can greatly impact your life.
  • Sex crimes: When you are accused of a sex crime, the presumption of innocence is at risk and guilt by accusation becomes the norm. Your friends, neighbors and police look at you differently the moment the accusation is made.

The first 24 hours after you have been accused of the crime are crucial to your defense. To avoid mistakes that can damage your future and your good name, contact attorney Kurt Kerns as soon as possible.

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